Metal Waterjet Cutting Services

Laserfab offers advanced waterjet cutting services, ideal for producing custom parts for an array of applications and industries. These waterjet cutting metal services enable us to make difficult cuts and quality results that are simply impossible to achieve with other cutting processes or equipment. From fine detail cuts to handling oversized pieces in large applications, Laserfab’s waterjet capabilities can deliver on your special requirements.

The Laserfab Waterjet Cutting Process

Waterjet cutting is a process that uses pressurized jets of water and abrasive particles to cut through sheets of material. This jet of water mixed with garnet abrasive is pushed at high pressure, up to 87,000 psi, resulting in a stream of water capable of cutting through most types of material.

Laserfab’s Dynamic Waterjet cutting technology, combined with the FlowMaster software, provides even better results with this process. With significantly higher cutting speeds, Laserfab’s system results in attractive value and cost savings for even the most challenging projects.

What Are The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting?

Advantages of waterjet cutting include:

  • Economical: Waterjet cutting metal services are an economical method for cutting two-dimensional shapes of all types with minimal tooling costs. It’s also much faster than a conventional waterjet, meaning lower cost to you!
  • Minimal Imperfections: The process results in good edge quality, with no burrs. The process also generates no heat, eliminating material bending and distortion. With all these imperfections reduced, operators reduce the need for secondary operation on the part, reducing overall wear on tools and minimizing costs and turnaround times.
  • Broad Material Capabilities: Custom waterjet cutting services can be used to cut a variety of materials, and waterjet cutting for thick and thin metal sheets is widely accessible, provided the part in question falls within certain dimensional parameters. Even better, since the process does not use heat, waterjet cutting does not produce poisonous gases when cutting plastic or rubber, extending the practical possibilities of this method. While aluminum, steel and, stainless steel waterjet cutting services are the most common, the commercial waterjet cutting industry also works with other materials like copper, brass and bronze

What Are The Cutting Capabilities of a Waterjet?

  • Cut thin gauge sheets up to 4″ plate, all to the tightest tolerances.
  • Tolerances of +/- .030 are standard.
  • Table size of 78″ x 156″.
  • Edge finish is 250 rms or better cut at standard cutting speeds.
  • All metal alloys and many non-metal materials can be cut with total precision (taper is virtually eliminated).

What Industries Do We Serve?

Waterjet cutting is an excellent resource for a variety of applications within many industries. A few examples include waterjet cutting services for:

Areas We Serve:

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