Laser Cutting Services - We Ship to Cincinnati Businesses

Laser Cutting for Cincinnati

At Laserfab, we understand that precision requires patience, dedication, meticulous attention to detail and continual innovation. That's why clients of all industries have trusted us with their laser cutting projects for over 15 years, and we continue to grow our reputation as one of the most skilled and reliable services for laser cutting and much more.

Although we're located in Lebanon, PA, we are still dedicated to providing the Cincinnati area with state-of-the-art laser cutting service at an affordable price, and we make sure we know our local industries well. From power companies to agricultural manufacturers, our clients are always our number one priority. Our job is to help you do yours more efficiently and cost-effectively, and we're with you every step of the way.

Precision Laser Cutting for Your Cincinnati Company

When you partner with Laserfab, you're not only getting the best technology that the laser cutting industry has to offer — you're also getting customer service and technical expertise that is second to none. Our team of experienced technicians, engineers and customer service representatives ensure every project you hand over to us meets every detail of your specifications and is produced with a fast turnaround.

We carry 22 gauge all the way up to 1" sheets of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This means there's no lag time waiting for materials to arrive, making the entire process streamlined and efficient.

Industries We Serve

We are dedicated to serving our clients in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical mixing
  • Wireless communications
  • Industrial rack manufacturing
  • Industrial baking
  • Power
  • Architectural
  • Agriculture
  • Medical

No matter the industry, Laserfab can accommodate almost any laser cutting and fabrication need. We specialize in both standardized and custom products, and we have the tools and technology to produce top-of-the-line laser-cut products.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Laserfab is dedicated to providing clients of all applicable industries with the best in cutting-edge technology and rapid turnaround time. To accomplish this, we incorporate the most advanced laser cutting software programs such as AutoCAD, Lantek Expert, SOLIDWORKS and IGEMS with the following machinery to streamline our processes:

  • TRUMPF 5030 fiber laser machine
  • TRUMPF 5040 fiber laser machine
  • TRUMPF 3030 Co2 laser machine
  • TRUMPF 5040 Co2 laser machine
  • Salvagnini L3 fiber laser machine

Our laser cutting machines can cut through a range of metal sheet thicknesses. They also cut with a tolerance of around +/- .005, which is about as precise as laser cutting gets!

We cut a variety of metals with the following dimensions:

  • Sheet metal laser cutting up to 82” x 160”
  • Copper laser cutting up to 3/16” thick
  • Mild steel laser cutting up to 1” thick
  • Aluminum laser cutting up to 1” thick
  • Brass laser cutting up to 3/16” thick
  • Stainless steel laser cutting up to 1” thick

Trust Laserfab for Laser Cutting Metal Services

If you're looking to an expert laser cutter to take aboard your company's next project, choose Laserfab as your go-to for all things laser cutting! Give us a call at 804-409-3987 or request a free quote online today!

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