Laser Cutting Services for the Architectural Industry

Laserfab’s custom laser cutting services are ideal for the architectural industry. With advanced equipment and experienced staff, we are capable of delivering highly accurate parts with maximum repeatability and minimal turnaround times that are simply impossible to achieve with other, more traditional metalworking techniques.

Laser Cutting for the Architectural Industry for New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

Laser cutting is a metal modification process involving the use of high-density energy beams. These beams are used to cut metal, vaporizing it upon contact and producing highly accurate shapes with minimal warping or variation.

This method offers numerous advantages over other metal manipulation techniques, making custom laser cutting a great fit for the architectural industry. These advantages include:

  • Minimal Imperfections: Laser cutting produces a smooth edge free of burrs or imperfections, and it minimizes heat distortion and material warping, as heat is applied only locally.
  • High-Precision Cutting: Laser cutting maintains a tolerance of around +/- 0.005, making it highly precise.
  • Reduced Tooling and Scrap: Minimal imperfections combined with high-precision cutting allows operators to minimize the need for secondary operation and part scrapping, resulting in lower costs and more accurate results.
  • Speedy Turnaround: With reduced tooling requirements and minimal secondary operation, laser cutting services for the architectural industry tend to have low turnaround times.
  • Broad Shape and Material Capabilities: Custom laser cutting for the architectural industry can produce nearly any 2-dimensional shape, increasing the possibilities of production. It can also be used on multiple materials — stainless steel laser cutting for the architectural industry is quite common, for example, but our services can also be applied in the form of aluminum laser cutting for buildings.

Why Choose Laserfab Laser Cutting Services

If you’re looking for a laser cutting service for the architectural industry, Laserfab is a provider you can trust. Our powerful cutting centers feature the most advanced equipment available, while our experienced staff and advanced processes ensure you get quality products every time. With us, your architectural company can maximize the benefits of commercial laser cutting for buildings.

The Laserfab difference is threefold — we offer:

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Laserfab uses cutting-edge fiber laser technology, which facilitates increased cutting speeds, superior material capabilities and more intelligent automated processes.
  • Advanced Software: Our lasers run using state-of-the-art software, including AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Lantek Expert and FlowMaster, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our operation.
  • Seasoned Professionals: All Laserfab employees have extensive experience in metalworking and share our commitment to quality.

When you choose Laserfab laser cutting services, you choose to include a valuable partner in your supply chain. With our advanced technology and expertise, we can collaborate with you to consistently bring the best results to your product line.

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