Laser Cutting Services for the Medical Industry

Precision is the cornerstone of the medical industry, and Laserfab’s custom laser cutting services can rise to meet the challenge. Laserfab’s custom laser cutting services for the medical industry are consistently high precision, meeting the medical industry’s need for tight dimensional tolerances and high volumes. With our advanced equipment and experienced staff, Laserfab is capable of delivering high-quality products for the medical device industry, from orthopedic and cardiovascular devices to surgical implant components.

Laser Cutting for the Medical Industry for New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

Laser cutting is a material modification process that uses high-density energy beams to vaporize material. This technique is used to cut various materials into highly accurate shapes with minimal warping or variation, resulting in extremely tight tolerances and accurate results.

This method offers numerous advantages over other metal manipulation techniques, making custom laser cutting a great fit for the medical industry. These advantages include:

  • Minimal Imperfections: Laser cutting produces a very smooth edge, free of burrs and other imperfections. The technique also minimizes warping due to heat distortion since heat is only applied locally.
  • High-Precision Cutting: Laser cutting maintains a tolerance of around +/- 0.005, making it extremely precise for medical industry standards.
  • Reduced Tooling and Scrap: Minimal imperfections and high-precision means laser cutting results in minimal secondary operation and scrapping needs. This means lower costs and greater accuracy.
  • Low Turnaround Time: Reduced tooling and secondary operation needs means that products can be finished more quickly, resulting in lower turnaround times for prototypes and final products alike.
  • Intricate Shape Capabilities: Custom laser cutting for the medical industry can be used to produce nearly any shape, increasing production possibilities.
  • Broad Material Capabilities: Stainless steel laser cutting for the medical industry is quite common, but laser cutting can be applied to many other materials. For example, aluminum laser cutting services are common for the medical industry as well.

These advantages of laser cutting make it a great choice for the medical industry since even small imperfections can negatively affect the performance of medical devices. With this method, even complex components can be manufactured quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Why Choose Laserfab's Laser Cutting Services for New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

If you’re looking for a quality laser cutting service for medical equipment production, Laserfab is a provider you can trust. Our powerful cutting centers feature:

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Laserfab uses the latest in fiber laser technology, allowing us to achieve increased cutting speeds and advanced material capabilities that are essential for the industry.
  • Advanced Software: Our lasers are run using state-of-the-art software, including AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Lantek Expert and FlowMaster, which ensure our operations are accurate and efficient.
  • Seasoned Professionals: Every employee at Laserfab is highly experienced in the industry, demonstrating both extensive knowledge and a commitment to quality.

When you choose Laserfab laser cutting services, you choose to include a valuable partner in your supply chain. With our advanced technology and expertise, we can collaborate with your medical device business from prototyping through product manufacturing — while providing cost-effective services.

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