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Metal Laser Cutting Services

Laserfab specializes in precision high-speed custom metal laser cutting services for a wide variety of applications and industries. With advanced equipment, streamlined processes and experienced staff, we have everything needed to deliver exceptional quality parts as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Precision laser-cut components require three things.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: Laserfab accomplishes our laser cutting process using cutting-edge fiber laser technology that facilitates increased laser cutting speed and superior material capabilities. Combined with Laserfab’s expertise and experience, this high-tech equipment can produce perfect parts for all of your special needs.

Advanced Software: Our lasers run on state-of-the-art software such as AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, and Lantek Expert to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Achieving the highest levels of precision and dependability eliminates factors that could cost valuable time in the production process.

Seasoned Professionals: At Laserfab, precision metal fabrication is our business focus, and we take it very seriously. All of our employees have worked in the steel, aluminum, stainless steel sheet metal and fabrication industry for many years. Our experience and commitment show in the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers.

It all starts with a consultation. When you meet with our team, we’ll discuss your project in detail, taking into consideration your budget, your timeline and your industry, among other factors.

The Laserfab Metal Bending Process

Commercial metal bending services are processes where sheet metal is bent to an angle using a hydraulic, pneumatic or electric press. The sheet is placed between a punch and a die, and a press pushes the punch and die together, folding the sheet of metal into the desired configuration. It can be used to form flanges, curls, corrugations and other geometries.

As a full-service fabrication company, Laserfab includes custom metal bending as one of our specialties. Our highly trained staff takes your prototypes and designs and brings them to life with a high-capacity press that can bend metal into nearly any configuration possible. This way, your parts are formed accurately, with minimal distortion and within your time constraints.

Laserfab Metal Bending Technology

Laserfab’s state-of-the-art TRUMPF TruBend press brakes improves bending capabilities by increasing production efficiency and flexibility while delivering premium workpiece quality from the first to the last bending operation.

Our TRUMPF 5170, 5320, and 5085X press brakes offer many benefits:

  • Six-axis back gauge provides solutions for even the most complex bending geometries.
  • Efficient volume production as well as small lot size production.
  • Press force of 353 tons with bending lengths up to 14 feet.
  • Processing of unusually large or thick sheets, as well as long bends with tight angles.
  • Highly efficient bending, versatility and increased flexibility in production.
  • Time-saving touchscreen control, interactive interfaces and set up plans that can be drawn in minutes. It also offers bending programs with 3D simulations of the bending process.


Value Added Services

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Top-quality fabrications are only possible when you begin with top-quality parts. Laserfab has the cutting-edge technology, skilled craftsmen and unwavering commitment necessary to manufacture perfect parts every time. We understand the importance of custom metal fabricated for your metal product in our shop.

Programming: Your order begins with our engineers expertly nesting your parts using the .dxf or .dwg files you provide, ensuring your specifications are met.

Bending: The bending process alters the shape of metal by applying force, usually with hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical machines. Laserfab uses a state-of-the-art TRUMPF TruBend press brakes, which improves bending capabilities with a six-axis back gauge. It enables the bending of even the most complex geometries and has a pressing force of 353 tons. With highly efficient volume production and flexibility in terms of product size, Laserfab’s machinery is capable of delivering premium workpiece quality from the first to the last bending operation.

Captive Hardware: Using our PEM Series 4 press, Laserfab can finish your project by inserting captive hardware.

Engineering Support: Our team has years of experience helping clients get to the finish line. If your part isn’t ready for production, we can help.

Partner Services: Laserfab collaborates with several carefully selected local machine shops, zinc coaters and powder-coating facilities, choosing them for their reliability and product quality. We send your projects to these collaborators for completion, while insisting on the same high standards we hold ourselves to.

Even better, Laserfab offers custom metal sheet fabrication services for a variety of metal types and dimensions. Our advanced technology allows us to offer steel and aluminum metal fabrication services for both thick and thin metal sheets alike.


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