Waterjet Cutting Services - We Ship to NYC Businesses

Waterjet Cutting Services for New York City

For the ultimate in accurate waterjet cutting, NYC businesses can rely on Laserfab. For more than 18 years, we’ve been providing waterjet cutting, laser cutting, deburring, hardware insertion, bending and other metal fabricating needs to companies in and around The Big Apple. Although we are located in Lebanon, PA, we gladly ship to NYC.

We pride ourselves on our accuracy, top-notch service and unbeatable value. Whether you need hundreds of the same standard part or one detailed custom part or prototype, we do what it takes to fully meet the specifications of your project.

Our inventory includes 22 gauge through 1” sheets of aluminum, steel and stainless steel. We also continuously invest in the most cutting-edge equipment and technology, as well as in training for our technicians. When you work with us, you get the top quality and extensive expertise you need to make your project a success.

Advantages of New York City Businesses Using Laserfab

When it comes to precision waterjet cutting, New York City businesses can rely on our equipment, technicians and service.

In waterjet cutting, a jet of water — pressurized up to 75,000 psi — is mixed with garnet abrasive to form a sharp stream of water that can cut through most materials with great accuracy and at a high speed.

At Laserfab, we use Dynamic Waterjet cutting technology in tandem with Lantek Expert software for even better results. Our system — which produces no heat or toxic gases — is capable of significantly higher cutting speeds across a variety of different materials. This results in highly accurate products that require minimal deburring or reworking — which reduces turnaround times and labor costs. In short, with our waterjet metal cutting services, New York City companies get more cost savings and value.

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

Due to the precision of our waterjet cutting system, we’re proud to offer the following capabilities:

  • Cuts from thin gauge up to 4” plate — and all to the tightest of tolerances
  • Standard tolerances of +/- .030
  • Table size of 78” x 156”
  • Ability to cut most metal alloys with great precision and the virtual elimination of tapering

Industries We Serve

When looking for top-quality waterjet cutting services, New York City businesses in a wide range of industries trust us with their projects. The following industries regularly turn to us for high-speed cutting and fabricating services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Architectural
  • Power
  • Chemical mixing
  • Industrial rack manufacturing
  • Wireless communications
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Industrial baking

Contact Laserfab for a Quote

If your NYC business needs high-speed precision waterjet cutting services, look no further than Laserfab. Our outstanding technical capabilities and high-quality are not all we offer — we also provide top-notch service. We partner with you to fully define your requirements so we can determine the most innovative and cost-effective way to provide you with the parts you need and the value you’re looking for — in the least amount of time possible.

To learn more about our wide selection of cutting and fabrication services, call us today at 804-409-3987. Or if you know which services you require, request your FREE quote below.

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