Waterjet Cutting Services - We Ship to Pittsburgh Businesses

Waterjet Cutting Services for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh businesses of all sizes need access to custom metal part fabrication to continue delivering high-quality products and services to consumers. At Laserfab, we have more than 15 years of experience providing waterjet cutting services across Pennsylvania. Although we are located in Lebanon, PA, we gladly ship to Pittsburgh.

If you're looking for a partner capable of fitting into your supply chain operations, the experts at Laserfab are available to support you. We offer a variety of metal fabrication services for Pittsburgh businesses, including waterjet cutting, laser cutting, CNC bending and hardware installation, which makes us capable of meeting a wide variety of fabrication needs.

Advantages of Pittsburgh Businesses Using Laserfab

Waterjet cutting offers an efficient method for metal part fabrication. During waterjet cutting, a stream of water is mixed with garnet abrasive and pressurized up to 75,000 psi to create a sharp jet capable of cutting metal with high precision. At Laserfab, our waterjet cutting professionals can cut parts accurately to minimize the need for deburring and reworking.

Some of the other advantages Pittsburgh businesses can expect when working with Laserfab include:

  • Large inventory: Customers in the Steel City can't afford to wait for metal fabricated parts. To accelerate the fabrication process, we stock aluminum, steel and stainless steel sheets in thicknesses ranging from 22 gauge to 1 inch.
  • Customer-focused support: At Laserfab, we work hard to provide helpful, customer-focused support in addition to waterjet cutting services. At the start of every project, we offer engineering advice to ensure you receive the right fabrication services for your application.
  • Local delivery: We also offer local delivery for customers in Pittsburgh. When combined with our short lead times, our local delivery helps you get the parts you need when you need them.

Industries We Serve

When choosing a supply chain partner to provide waterjet cutting services for your Pittsburgh business, you want to find someone capable of meeting the unique demands of your industry. At Laserfab, we have experience waterjet cutting parts for the following industry sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Architectural
  • Chemical mixing
  • Wireless communications
  • Industrial rack manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial baking
  • Power

Our Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

Pittsburgh businesses consistently choose our waterjet cutting services thanks to our industry-leading waterjet capabilities. Using hydraulic intensifier pumps, we can cut metal from thin gauge up to 4-inch plate to a tight standard tolerance of +/- .030.

We continually invest in cutting-edge equipment and software, including dynamic waterjet cutting technology and Lantex Expert software, to provide the best possible outcomes for our Pittsburgh customers. As a result, we can cut most alloys with precision and eliminate tapering.

Contact Laserfab for a Quote

Whether you need waterjet cutting for steel, stainless steel or aluminum part fabrication, Laserfab can deliver the results you're looking for. We offer high-quality finished products, affordable prices and fast delivery to help keep your Pittsburgh business operating efficiently and on schedule. No matter what pain points you experience when getting products to market, we'll always be available to help resolve them.

To learn more about the waterjet cutting metal services Pittsburgh businesses have come to rely on, give us a call at 804-409-3987 or request a free quote below!

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