Waterjet Cutting Services for the Industrial Baking Industry

Is your company looking to produce an abundant number of industrial baking equipment? Do you need them quickly to meet your deadline? Laserfab is more than ready to be an extension of your production team, supplying you with the parts to complete your JIT invenory.

Laserfab can assist in many ways, but to fully complete your industrial baking parts needs, we'll introduce you to waterjet cutting. This technique allows us to custom design your steel, stainless and aluminum parts in a quick manner, producing durable and quality results, for a reasonable price.

Waterjet Cutting for Industrial Baking Equipment for New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

Waterjet cutting is the newest industry technique we've developed for precise cutting and efficient designs. It's all in the name — high volumes of water are pressurized to penetrate through your sheets of stainless steel and aluminum. We specialize our production at Laserfab by using water pressure pushed up to 87,000 psi to exact your cut.

Laserfab is more than ready to work with you to create the stainless steel industrial baking parts you're looking to distribute. Our highly-skilled professionals will expedite the process of obtaining parts with our fast-acting commercial waterjet cutting, making sure you receive your inventory on time.

Specifications of Commercial Waterjet Cutting

To understand the parameters of what is achievable through waterjet cutting, here are a few highlights of how our process at Laserfab can provide for you:

  • A standard tolerance of +/- .030 tolerance
  • Hydraulic intensifier pumps allow us to pump 87,000 psi for intense water pressure
  • A range of aluminum and steel thicknesses, from 11 gauge to eight inches
  • Nested cutting arrangements allow for maximum yields for mass production

Advantages to Creating Industrial Baking Parts With Waterjet Cutting

Typically, when customers hear about cutting metal, they imagine laser cutting with the sparks flying. Waterjet cutting looks to go one step further with both short-term and long-term benefits. Laserfab wants to share just a few highlight benefits of custom waterjet cutting that can provide for your industrial needs:

  • No heat damage — Waterjet cutting only uses water as its cutting force, meaning there is no heat or flames used to create the custom cuts. Not only will your material not be damaged by heat, but there won't be any discoloration after the process is complete.
  • Complexity — Straight lines are not the only solution for waterjet cutting. There are very few limits as far as the designs and cuts the waterjet process allows for.
  • Eco-friendly — With water as the main component, there is no hazardous waste or potentially poisonous gas produced by using this technique. Material waste is also reduced as the utilization of parts is minimal.
  • Efficiently produce prototypes — Because of waterjet cutting's potential for mass production, we can easily create and process your prototypes or test-run items and supply them to you in a quick turnaround time.

Contact Laserfab for Waterjet Cutting Services

If you have a CAD template or other drawing ready to start your production of industrial baking parts, send them our way. Laserfab will provide you with a free quote to get started in a new trusted partnership with your company.