Waterjet Cutting Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Among the many ways in which Laserfab connects with the manufacturing industry, we are excited to share our custom waterjet cutting services for manufacturing parts. Whether you need a fully redesigned part for your company or need some new drawings, we can produce the project you need.

Waterjet Cutting for the Manufacturing Industry in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

If you're looking to incorporate precise cutting into your manufacturing equipment, waterjet is the technique for you. Waterjet cutting uses high-pressure water narrowly forced into a needle-like tip, allowing abrasive particles to precisely cut through steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. At Laserfab, we maximize our precision by pushing high pressure up to 87,000 psi.

We specialize in waterjet cutting services for stainless steel and aluminum manufacturing parts. If your manufacturer needs equipment at a rapid pace for production, Laserfab will customize your project for you. Our cutting services provide the fastest, the cleanest, and the most cost-effective technique in the manufacturing industry.

Technicalities of Commercial Waterjet Cutting

To better understand the powerful effect of waterjet cutting, here are some of the technical features of our process at Laserfab:

  • Cutting that can splice sheets as thin as 11 gauge up to eight inches
  • Hydraulic intensifier pumps to create high-intensity water pressure
  • Standard tolerance of +/- .030 in precision, but tighter tolerances can be achieved
  • Mass production and maximum yields possible due to repeated nested cutting arrangements
  • Clean and accurate cuts of the most complicated parts

All of these specifics contribute to creating exact cuts and parts — more advanced than what laser cutting can provide.

Advantages to Creating Manufacturing Parts With Waterjet Cutting

There are multiple benefits to using commercial waterjet cutting for your stainless steel manufacturing parts. Ranging from short-term benefits to long-term results, here are the best reasons for investing in this technique:

  • No heat/thermal damage — Because we are using water at high pressure instead of heated drills and lasers to cut through your metal, there is no exterior heat damage to your product. This also means there is no leftover discoloration of the raw materials produced.
  • Complexity — There is no need for only a straightforward, simple cut. With waterjet cutting, the line is customized to your needs.
  • Environmentally friendly — By not using up multiple pieces of machinery and materials to create these designs, waterjet cutting does not result in extra waste. Also, because water is used, there are no by-products or chemicals that are spread into the air.
  • Produce prototypes with ease — Whether you want to produce a prototype, a test part or a short production run item, the quick and efficient process of waterjet cutting can easily cut a mass amount for your manufacturing needs.

Contact Laserfab for Waterjet Cutting Services

Whether you're looking to increase your production, test run some new designs or receive some new machinery parts, Laserfab is eager to work with you for all of your manufacturing needs. We will become an extension of your production team, enlisting professionals and artisans to contribute to your inventory.

If you're intrigued by the idea of waterjet cutting and the work that can be done with your aluminum and stainless steel, request your free quote today. As a dependable partner, we'll make sure every piece you receive is of the best quality.