Waterjet Cutting Services for the Nuclear Industry

At Laserfab, we pride ourselves on being customer-driven to create the customized machinery parts you need to get your job done. For businesses in the nuclear industry, we can make sure you have the flanges, plates, brackets and many more metal components for your plant.

Whether your desired parts are made from stainless steel, aluminum or steel, we will cut them precisely and accurately to your liking with our waterjet cutting services. You'll see the attention and care our highly skilled professionals have given your metal parts to make sure your business can operate safely and productively.

Waterjet Cutting for Nuclear Components for New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

Waterjet cutting is a fast-paced and trustworthy technique for elements of your business that need specified precision. Unlike laser cutting, this advanced process uses highly pressurized water forced into small needle-like tips, aimed perfectly above your material. By applying pressure up to to 87,000 psi, water can cut exact lines into your aluminum or stainless steel parts.

If you're in need of some newly designed nuclear components for your company, Laserfab will share the waterjet cutting process with you. We are committed to providing some of the fastest, cleanest and most cost-effective service to become an extension of your production team.

Specifications of Commercial Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is powerful and precise, but sometimes knowing the technicalities of the process will allow you to understand its effects better. At Laserfab, our commercial waterjet cutting services feature:

  • Cutting that splits sheets of aluminum and steel ranging from 22 gauges thin up to one inch
  • Precise tolerances of +/- .030
  • Hydraulic intensifier pumps that produce 87,000 psi water pressure
  • Maximum yields of product with repeated nested cutting arrangements

The Benefits of Creating Nuclear Parts With Waterjet Cutting

Whether you're searching for long-term benefits or immediate short-term results, custom waterjet cutting is the perfect match for your nuclear industry company. The benefits are plenty, but below are some of the most common favorable advantages of investing in this technique:

  • No heat damage — Waterjet cutting does not require laser lighting or heat, only water. This leaves no room for excessive heat damage to your parts or any exterior discoloration to your steel or aluminum.
  • Complexity — Our machines are not limited to straight and narrow lines. While the waterjet cutting machine has a limited range of motion, your lines can be complex or straightforward.
  • Environmentally friendly — Without abrasive metals flying around, there is no hazardous waste or pollutants getting into the air.
  • Prototypes produced with ease — As a result of the maximum production enabled by nested cutting arrangements, waterjet cutting is perfect for creating mass amounts of prototypes, single item test-runs or short production parts.

Contact Laserfab for Waterjet Cutting Services

Laserfab is here for your advanced waterjet cutting services as well as your conventional welding and bending of metals. Contact us to learn more about the services we provide and request a free quote to find out about our premium quality products at a dependable value.