Waterjet Cutting Services for the Wireless Communications Industry

The need for reliable wireless and telecommunications equipment has never been greater. Under growing competition and consumer demands, any method of parts production that can deliver fast, accurate, and reliable components on a regular basis can give a company the edge it needs to remain profitable and ahead of its competitors.

When it comes to parts fabrication, Laserfab can be your competitive edge. With wireless communications equipment waterjet cutting, you can acquire the parts you need in a manner that fits both your budget and timeline. At Laserfab, we’re not satisfied with simply filling orders. Instead, we strive to expedite the accurate, reliable production of your components so you can always trust us to deliver value as an integral part of your supply chain.

Wireless Communications Parts Waterjet Cutting from Laserfab

At Laserfab, we’ve mastered the process of waterjet cutting so you always get repeatable precision. The fabrication process uses hydraulic intensifier pumps capable of producing water jets of up to 87,000 psi. The powerful jet of water produced is mixed with abrasives like garnet to create a highly accurate and controllable force that can cut precisely through most materials with ease.

Unlike so many other forms of grinding and cutting that produce thermal distortions, waterjet cutting operates without creating heat. As a result, the produced parts are free of irregularities resulting from the cutting process. Moreover, because we filter and reuse our water, the entire process is environmentally friendly and gives off no noxious fumes or gases — unlike other cutting processes.

Advantages of Telecommunications Equipment Waterjet Cutting

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, waterjet cutting wireless communication parts offers the following advantages:

  • Waterjet cutting adds zero stress to materials during the process of cutting.
  • Precision first cuts produce no burrs, which dramatically reduces secondary handling and machining.
  • There are highly complex cutting capabilities of almost any two-dimensional component.
  • Waterjet cutting has equal ability to cut precisely through materials of varying thicknesses.

Laserfab’s waterjet cutting technology can be fully integrated with the latest software — to provide you with precision cutting results in less time. This even includes custom orders. Put it all together, and it means greater value and less tooling costs to you.

Wireless Communications Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

As the telecom industry has some of the strictest parts regulations of any business sector, it’s useful to note that custom waterjet cutting for wireless communications components comes with the following capabilities:

  • Cut thin gauge sheets up to a 4-inch plate — all to within the tightest tolerances
  • Tolerances of ± 0.030 are standard
  • Table size of 78-by-156 inches
  • Edge finish is 250 rms or better, cut at standard cutting speeds
  • All metal alloys and many nonmetal materials can be cut with total precision — taper is virtually eliminated

Laserfab: Trusted Waterjet Cutting Services for Wireless Communications

Let Laserfab become a partner in your business’ supply chain, with advanced technology and collaborative staff that will help your business achieve the best results in your product line. From choosing your fabrication method to finding a quality finishing company, we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

Whether it’s for aluminum, steel, stainless steel or other metal alloys, Laserfab’s professional waterjet cutting services are fully up to the task. Our competitive pricing, unparalleled customer service and expedited turnaround time combined make us the perfect fit for your supply chain.

With 7 gauge through 8-inch steel, stainless steel and aluminum regularly in stock, we’ll never keep you waiting for extended periods of time. Since we invest in the newest waterjet cutting equipment and our operators are trained in the latest cutting techniques, the quality of your parts is always top-notch.

Need more info? Contact us today to discover how speed, precision, and value combine when you choose Laserfab.