Laser & Waterjet Cutting Services in Lancaster & Lebanon, PA

Advantages of Lancaster and Lebanon Area Businesses Using Laserfab

For more than 18 years, our team at Laserfab has been supplying highly precise laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending, deburring, hardware insertion and other metal fabrication services to business in and around the Lancaster and Lebanon area. Our services are valued as much for the innovative solutions we offer as for the speed and affordability with which we provide them.

Across Southeastern Pennsylvania and especially throughout Lebanon and Lancaster County where healthcare, manufacturing, retail trade, utilities and transportation employ huge swaths of the labor force, having a trusted supply chain partner like Laserfab is an essential part of remaining competitive. It’s just another reason why we’re always willing to work with you to solve your pain points in getting your products to market quickly.

We build advantageous partnerships through our experienced engineering support at the beginning of your project. Then we expedite your parts through production and even facilitate any necessary outside services — such as powder coating — so your parts are ready when you need them.

Precision Laser Cutting in Lancaster and Lebanon, PA

When they need quick, accurate and affordable laser cutting, Lancaster and Lebanon, PA businesses recognize Laserfab as an industry leader. With the latest equipment, technology and training, our team is always ready to supply you with one of the most precise cutting services available today.

In laser cutting, the energy of a beam of light is skillfully focused on a material, which then vaporizes — leaving behind smooth cuts with no mess to clean up or rough edges to deburr. The process goes even faster with the support of advanced software like AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, IGEMS and Lantek Expert. In terms of efficiency, laser cutting saves you both time and money since it requires little setup and almost no reworking of items.

Finally, high-speed laser cutting is so versatile that it’s capable of cutting through everything from thin to thick sheets of metal, including the following dimensions:

  • Mild steel laser cutting up to 1” thick
  • Stainless steel laser cutting up to 1” thick
  • Aluminum laser cutting up to 1” thick
  • Copper laser cutting up to 3/16” thick
  • Brass laser cutting up to 3/16” thick
  • Sheet metal laser cutting up to 82” x 160”

Precision Waterjet Cutting in Lancaster and Lebanon, PA

We also offer precision waterjet cutting metal services that Lancaster and Lebanon, PA businesses have come to trust. Using a garnet abrasive and a jet of water that’s pressurized up to 87,000 psi, our waterjet cutting services are another excellent example of the accuracy and value we offer our customers.

Since waterjet cutting produces no heat or toxic gases, parts undergo a cold-cutting process that easily produces finished products in need of no reworking. In combination with FlowMaster software, our Dynamic Waterjet cutting process is accurate and repeatable — plus, it keeps labor costs to a minimum.

The precision of our waterjet cutting process offers the following capabilities:

  • Cuts from thin gauge up to 4” plate — and all to the tightest of tolerances
  • Capable of standard tolerances of +/- .030
  • Offers a table size of 78” x 156”
  • Cuts most metal alloys with great precision and the virtual elimination of tapering

Industries We Serve

Lancaster and Lebanon, PA businesses across all major industries trust our work. Check out the following commercial sectors that regularly request our high-speed cutting and fabricating services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial baking
  • Industrial rack manufacturing
  • Chemical mixing
  • Wireless communications
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Power
  • Architectural

Contact Laserfab for a Quote

When you need the best quality and fastest service in cutting and metal fabrication, you need Laserfab. We carry stock materials from 22 gauge up through 1” sheets of aluminum, steel and stainless steel to meet even the fastest turnaround times.

To learn more about any of our cutting and/or fabricating services, call us today at 804-409-3987. Or, if you have a specific project in mind, request your FREE quote now!

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