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Benefits of Steel Fabrication

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium, coming in 60 varieties, or “grades.” The minimum 10.5% chromium produces a thin, invisible layer of oxide on the surface of the steel called the “passive layer.” This layer allows the stainless steel to be corrosion-resistant, healing in the presence of oxygen.

Reason to Use Stainless Steel Fabrication

The nature of stainless steel lends numerous advantages to steel metal fabrication over other materials, including the following:

  • Long-Term Value: While the high upfront cost of stainless steel may be offputting for people who aren’t experienced with the material, the longevity and long-term value this material provides are unparalleled. This maintenance-free material allows designers and engineers to focus on design and production without considering maintenance in the process.
  • Versatile: Because it is available in so many grades with specific qualities, stainless steel can be used in a huge range of applications. From cooking supplies to surgical instruments to airplanes, stainless steel is used everywhere to meet a variety of strength and corrosion-resistance needs.
  • Heat Resistance: The resistance to fire and heat exhibited by stainless steel also adds to its long-term value and versatility. Specifically, high chromium and nickel alloy grades are particularly heat resistant, making them perfect for applications like boilers, valves and heat exchangers.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion due to its oxide layer. With this layer, it retains its surface quality in nearly any setting, contributing to the material’s long-term value.
  • Easy Fabrication: Provided that your fabrication company is using the latest in modern technology and equipment, fabrication should not be a problem with stainless steel. Most modern stainless steel fabricators can carry out cutting, welding, and everything in between with ease, provided they’re not using outdated equipment.
  • Recyclable: With an increasing emphasis being placed on sustainability, environmental-friendliness, and ethical resource management, the recyclability of stainless steel has become an enormous benefit. Stainless steel is often recycled, and today, over 50% of stainless steel comes from previously melted stainless steel scraps. This helps keep steel waste to a minimum.

It’s easy to see how the pros of steel fabrication far outweigh the cons, especially if you are considering steel for its long-term value.

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