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Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting

You know your budget, timeline and the products you need, but what type of cutting technique best suits your application? Both laser cutting and plasma cutting are effective solutions for a range of industries. Your choice of service may differ, though, based on the project and metals requiring shaping.

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What is Laser Cutting?

In the last few decades, laser cutting has experienced more than a surge in popularity — it has become an indispensable part of world commerce. From fabrication to medicine and beyond, laser cutting is an industry seemingly without limits. Its products can be found everywhere. Lasers cut the silicon in microchips, perform corrective eye surgeries and craft the futuristic gear hurtling into space aboard rocket ships.

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How to Reduce Laser Cutting Costs

Laser cut parts are useful to many sectors, and the precisely cut two-dimensional pieces function as machinery parts in industries from industrial baking to the medical field. However, many companies are unaware that their laser cutting costs, despite the production, could be significantly reduced by simple, alternate choices and communication with their laser cutting provider.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Laser Cutting

There are many cases where traditional cutting won’t work for a project and only laser cutting will achieve the desired results. While laser cutting is a fantastic cutting method for a wide variety of industries, some businesses are quick to consider implementing it on-site. Even though buying your own laser cutting equipment and handling the process on-site may sound like a good option, it’s not the best choice for many businesses. Instead, consider outsourcing your laser cutting to a third-party company. Read on to learn more about why outsourcing may be right for you.

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