Precision Metal Fabrication Services

Laserfab offers a variety of custom metal fabrication services to our customers, ideal for producing custom parts of all shapes, sizes and applications. With the best tools available and experienced staff, Laserfab’s fabrication capabilities are the best choice for your custom fabricating needs and deliver difficult cuts and quality results every time.

The Laserfab Metal Fabrication Process

Custom precision metal fabrication is a broad term that includes several processes in the metal component manufacturing system. Most of these processes are performed to modify existing pieces of metal by altering their shape or configuration. Laserfab performs several commercial metal fabrication services for our clients, using best practices and engineering expertise to achieve quality results every time.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Top-quality fabrications are only possible when you begin with top-quality parts. Laserfab has the cutting-edge technology, skilled craftsmen and unwavering commitment necessary to manufacture perfect parts every time. We understand the importance of custom metal fabricated for your metal product in our shop. In a family-owned business like Laserfab, you are our greatest asset.


  • Programming: Your order begins with our engineers expertly nesting your parts using the .dxf or .dwg files you provide, ensuring your specifications are met.
  • Bending: The bending process alters the shape of metal by applying force, usually with hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical machines. Laserfab uses a state-of-the-art TRUMPF TruBend press brakes, which improves bending capabilities with a six-axis back gauge. It enables the bending of even the most complex geometries and has a pressing force of 353 tons. With highly efficient volume production and flexibility in terms of product size, Laserfab's machinery is capable of delivering premium workpiece quality from the first to the last bending operation.
  • Captive Hardware: Using our PEM Series 4 press, Laserfab can finish your project by inserting captive hardware.
  • Partner Services: Laserfab collaborates with several carefully selected local machine shops, zinc coaters and powder-coating facilities, choosing them for their reliability and product quality. We send your projects to these collaborators for completion, while insisting on the same high standards we hold ourselves to.


Even better, Laserfab offers custom metal sheet fabrication services for a variety of metal types and dimensions. Our advanced technology allows us to offer steel and aluminum metal fabrication services for both thick and thin metal sheets alike.

Industries We Serve

Metal fabrication is an excellent resource for a variety of applications within several industries. A few examples include metal fabrication for:

  • Chemical mixing
  • Manufacturing
  • Wireless communications
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Industrial baking
  • Industrial rack manufacturing
  • Power
  • Medical

Contact Laserfab

Let Laserfab become your supply chain partner. Our advanced technological capabilities, along with our comprehensive collaborative efforts and top-notch staff, makes us an ideal choice for quality metal fabrication services. From choosing a fabrication method to finding an appropriate finishing company, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your parts are of the highest quality possible.


Contact Laserfab today to learn more about the commercial metal fabrication services we offer to businesses all over the nation and see how we provide high quality at great value for all of our customers.


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